Where Does The International Fashion Week Start?

Where Does The International Fashion Week Start?


International fashion week is the major event in the fashion industry, it is held in the “BIG FOUR” that is in New York, Paris, London, Milan. It is the event where the display of different designer clothing and designs are presented to the world for fame and popularity.

International Fashion Week Start

The international fashion week is held twice a year in all the BIG FOUR countries, but now it has broadened its range as this event are carried in different countries like Mumbai, Beirut, Berlin and many more.

The first international fashion week was held in Paris, where different models are hired in order to model their clothes in front of people from different racetracks to salons. These parades have started becoming social events for the people and they start doing it for money. By the end of the 1920s, these shows have been used by different designers around the country. These shows were more traditional than today. By 1994 and 2009 shows started to be performed in different hotels and lofts and by the year 2010 and 2015, it got its venue for Fashion week in SoHo.

There are only four considered as the ‘Big Four’- Paris, Newyork, London and Milan. There are mainly two types of fashion weeks namely womenswear and menswear. More and more designers have started participating in these fashion weeks with their most designer clothes. People are fashion enthusiastic so becomes necessary for people to attend such kind so fashion weeks.


Jacqueline Hanson