What actually is the seed box?

What actually is the seed box?

Just imagine that you have the desire to download the movies and later on upload them to a secure server and now looking for a cloud storage then the seed box is the place for you. Around the world there are many people who are providing the seed box services which is a secure high-bandwidth server in which you can upload your multiple files with good speeds. You should remember that in the seed box your personal internet speed is not important but the speed of the server.  So if you want to download the movie from Torrent then you can just copy the magnet link of the torrent file and post that on the server and the server will be able to download that at the speed of the bullet.

Your IP address will be hidden

If you are worried that when you will download the torrent file in America then you can be abducted by the government.  There are two things you need to remember in that worry.  First of all you can use the virtual private network which can hide your personal IP address and also you can use the seed box which can hide your IP.  Even if the government or the ISP is willing to track your IP they will not be able to track your personal IP but the IP of the server which you have acquired.

Multiple storage options

When you will be willing to get the services in this regard then you need to find the storage space according to the budget you have.  The seed box can provide you multiple storage according to the files you have to upload or download.  There are many good companies who are providing multiple options according to the budget of the client.  The research on the Internet will be able to give you the idea in this regard with ease.  You should go for the company which has the experience in this field and also have a secure server which is very important in this aspect.

ISP limit will not exceed

When the people are asking the question that what is a seed box then they are doing it because they want to upload the files and also download them but without exceeding the limit of the internet service provider.  Many internet service provider are having the limits on the download you can do but in this matter your internet limit will not be used but the speed of internet will be used of the server.  It means that even if you are nearing the download limit from the ISP that will remain intact.