Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Kerosene Heater

Things to Consider Before Buying an Indoor Kerosene Heater

An indoor kerosene heater  can keep you and your loved ones warm while you are enjoying the great outdoors, just so you can sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day. These classic, time-honored cold weather gifts are now available in many different varieties, capacities, and types. They are made for use indoors and are much more affordable than gas heaters or oil burners. Indoor kerosene heaters can be powered by electricity or propane. Here’s how to get the best deal on an indoor kerosene heater:

Look for a heater with an automatic ignition system. The more features a heater has, the more it will cost. This includes things like a shut-off feature, remote control ignition, variable speed fan, timer, variable temperature and more. The best models will have all of these options and also have a variable heat source.

Get a good, sturdy heater that will stand up to frequent use. While most models will hold up to low to medium temperatures, you will still want one that has a long warranty and is tested for durability before you purchase it. There are plenty of models that will hold up to moderate use. Consider purchasing a heater that comes with a dual-fuel option or a one-gallon tank.

Look for a model with a safety switch. A safety switch will prevent the pilot from igniting the kerosene without the proper precautions. With a safety switch, there is no need to have a constant, lit flame to operate the heater. If the tank is above the thermostat, however, you should still have a flame. If the tank reaches or falls below the appropriate temperature, an audible warning will warn you of a potential spill.

Indoor kerosene heaters have many advantages over other types of kerosene heating systems. They provide both heat and light, so your home will have instant heating when you plug in an indoor kerosene heater. They are also extremely safe, with no flame or odor of any kind. They are easy to use and work no matter how large or small the area you need heated. You can use them on their own, or combine them with other heating sources to save on costs. Indoor kerosene heating systems are efficient, affordable, reliable, and environmentally friendly.

Understand how long your tank will last and how much it will cost to run time. You should also find out how many gallons of fuel can be stored before the heater has to be turned off in order to refill the fuel tank. Many models will hold a maximum number of gallons allowed, but this number can change depending on the manufacturer and the unit.

Ask about the number of flame effects and whether they include a variable speed fan. The more features included in a heater, the more expensive it will likely be. However, the better the features, the better the quality and longevity of the product. Most units will have a starter and a nozzle for operation, but there will likely be an additional feature that you look for such as an electronic ignition system.