Online Data Entry Test & It’s Content

Online Data Entry Test & It’s Content

As we all know, the free data entry test online mainly focuses on the candidate’s typing speed and accuracy. But some of the testes are also taken that focus on different aspects of data entry. Some of the online tests focus on alphanumeric data entry, numeric entry, and cross-matching of data, 10-Keu data entry and some focus on data entry keystrokes. Before appearing for the data entry test, it is important to work on all important aspects of an online data entry job.

Here, we will discuss the online data entry test content in details. Let’s have a look at them

Numeric Data Entry

This specific test primarily focuses on the candidate’s speed and accuracy of entering numeric data. For example, an accountant must have to pass this test for starting the job because accountants constantly and speedily have to input numbers to generate financial reports, product results and much more.

Alphanumeric Data Entry

This type of test is primarily taken to testify the candidate’s speed of entering alphabets and numeric data accurately. Dispatcher exam is the best example of it. A dispatcher candidate has to enter the caller’s important information, emergency codes, IDs and addresses speedily and accurately.

Cross Referencing

This is another important test and requires candidates listened to audio files and enters data accurately in different fields. This data entry test not only assesses the candidate’s typing speed and accuracy but also testify their listening and understanding skills.

10-Key Data Entry Test

Very similar to the numeric data entry test, in 10-key data entry, you only have to encompass numeric numbers. In this particular online data entry test, a candidate is only allowed to use the side numeric group keys of the keyboard.

Keystrokes Data Entry

This data entry test includes numbers, alphabets, symbols and spacing. Bloggers, writers, typists and clerical jobs are the perfect examples of data entry jobs. No matter, if these data entry employees are performing duties online or offline, they use keystrokes data entry to wrap-up their work. Sometimes bloggers and writers have to create lengthy articles that contain lots of spacing alphabets and numbers. So, this test helps them to produce a large amount of quality data in a limited time.

Online data entry test assesses the specific data entry skills last between 3 to 5minutes per section. However, most of the candidates are not able to complete their test in the specific time limit. So before appearing in an online data entry test, it is important for candidates to work on their typing speed.