How do lottery protected draft picks work?

How do lottery protected draft picks work?

Draft picks are hard to settle at less cost. They often come with some troubles such as protected status. NBA trades demand draft picks for the lottery work. Draft picks are negotiated in trades to allow more individuals to choose their best picks.  Some teams want to draft new players to bargain more. So, If one team gets the lottery and the other team loses the lottery according to the negotiation.

In NBA teams which are not qualified for the playoffs get chance to enter into the draft lottery. A lot of teams try their luck every season.

How Protected Picks Work?

A protected pick is something has been traded for only a certain set of criteria. Picks are often used for future years.

  • If the pick falls in a certain range it is called protected.
  • A lot of picks are protected for the future.
  • Teams need to agree on the certain limit protections.
  • Qualifications are placed on the pick.

The lottery process is not simple like pulling names out of the hat. Lottery protected draft was first used in the year of 1985. The lottery was created because owners were unhappy with the system. Some of the misconceptions about lottery pick are that they are fixed. But facts show that they are fully transparent within the system offering fair choice to the teams.  This practice of protected draft picks will exist in the future also with some minor changes in the draft selections. There will be no unprotected picks in the future seasons.

Jacqueline Hanson