Get Photo Booth Hire Leeds For Capturing Every Moment

Get Photo Booth Hire Leeds For Capturing Every Moment

People residing in different parts of the world are so keen to have their special moments captured in excellent quality. In recent few years, hiring a photo booth for parties has become a common trend. Let it be a wedding party or prom night, or it is your graduation celebration; Photobooth has the best booths and technologies to capture every image with all its grace. Some of the type of events that our services cover includes:

  • Wedding parties
  • Launch parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Graduation Parties
  • Prom Nights

These are not the only time when you can call for hiring a photo booth based on your requirement. Companies also provide personal and customized services.


Why Only the best Company?                        

There are many photo booth hire leeds services, so you must be wondering why in the world should you choose the best one. Have a glance at the key features of our services:

  • Such companies have been in the business from years and tons of experience allows us to services that customers wish for. They cover the whole place, and wherever you are, they will be available with all our resources.
  • They believe in making things easier for our customers, and this has resulted in high-tech and client-friendly services. All the guests in the party can instantly download the pictures taken in our booth.
  • You are free to choose the size and shape of the ultimate output for various photos, including large and passport size.
  • They have a wide and green screen to make your photos look more realistic. Companies have a dual-range camera to ensure from large group photos to single shot pictures are all taken in good quality.
  • Unlike other service providers, the best photo booth company have large booths to make sure your group photos are taken, without any fuss. 8 people can get quite a comfortable stand and pose for their group photos, while they have already taken up to 12 people inside our photo booth.

Celebrity New York Taxi

How will it be if you had a taxi that was used by some of your favourite celebrities such as Jenifer Lopez or in a movie like Home Alone2? The photo booth is the only company that owns a celebrity taxi that was sued in several movies. You would love to hire such a taxi and even take pictures inside. It is one of the prime features of services that differentiate us from the rest.


Still, images are not the only reason why you can call and hire our photo booth hire leeds services.  Digital cameras record unlimited video files and provide you with the same instantly online. Integration of pictures and videos taken instantly to Facebook is very genuine, and you will have no trouble in sharing those beautiful moments with friends and relatives on the World’s biggest social network. You can also choose customized messages on one or all pictures taken in such photo booth.