Get 와이즈토토 and know live scores and status of matches

Get 와이즈토토 and know live scores and status of matches

Do you want to stay updated with live sports matches and schedules?

Here is the 와이즈토토(Wise Toto) real-time app for the keen and diehard fans of sports matches to stay updated with the current match scores and all the ups and downs of the match going. One can stay in touch with all the schedules of the sport matches taking place at a different place and time.


ttpick let you stay up-to-date with all sports matches at any time and anywhere with all the popular sports such as soccer, basketball and baseball to ice hockey, football and with many more streaming matches.

Features of the app

This app provides “LIVE Score Centre”, the “all in one sports” app that supports around 100 tournaments, leagues and nine or more sports.

The Score Centre on the app will help to let you know the following details of the sports matches.

  • the ins and outs
  • the ups and downs

The app provides all the detailed information about the sports from the Score Centre that includes every little and basic information like scoring players, shots, ball occupancy rate to more progressive details like selection or replacement of the players and formations.

Get updated with Box Score

Also, this app supports a function known as “box score” that lets the user check records of teams and players in no time with perfect accuracy. Those fans and users who couldn’t make the live show possible from the stadium find this app no less than a gift. Score Centre also adds to the next exciting and best thing.

Predict the results and Support Your Team

This app never makes the viewer feel bored as it constantly accompanies the user with its Score Centre and let to use “Support your Team” function to predict the match results and allows to share the information which joins the user with other fans and makes the match more interesting. There is no need of keeping an eye for the final scores as the Score Centre constantly provides the summary as notifications which include outcomes, important schedules of matches and news that keep alerting the viewers or users with the new information.

With this app, one need not to go on social media for feeds or login to any other sites for live updates as Score Centre’s social media web makes every newsfeed available about the teams and players in no seconds.

Thus 와이즈토토 is the most compatible app for sports fans and players.