Categories in Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert program

Categories in Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert program


The Microsoft Certification program is divided into several categories. These are the categories that can help improve one’s skills and make one stand a chance to land a job with ease. If you are about to consider mcse certification, it is best if you are aware of the categories in the program. Some of the categories include


This category is basically for the end user and also for desktop lessons. The topic includes windows topics, desktop plus enterprise applications, working with SCCM and Intune.

Analytics and data management

This category deals in machine learning, applications in business, intelligence in business, analytics and also data management.

The productivity

This is also a very important category in mcse certification. This category is very important. It is the category that entails bringing the Microsoft specialist and those dealing in Microsoft productivity together. They include the exchange server, skype business, as well as SharePoint.

App builder

This is a category in the MCSE certification that is developmental. It entails, the use of Microsoft solutions to come up with a software that is compatible. The topics in this category include designing, architecture, testing and building among other topics.

Applications in business

The business application is well known for Microsoft Dynamics. This includes dynamics for sale, trade and financial management. It also includes talent, retail and also field services. Customer service, trade financial management, customer service, and distribution are well catered for in this category.

Core infrastructure

This category specializes in visualization, networking, storage, system identification, system management, and also modern data center among other topics.

Infrastructure and cloud platform

This is a very important MCSE category that deals with business intelligence. It also focuses on the windows server, machine learning, data analytics, private and hybrid clouds, data infrastructure, cloud data platforms among other areas of learning.


MCSE certification is in a different category. The categories have special specifications or area of learning. Also, each category has its own certification. Therefore, one can choose a category to specialize in or decide to learn every category. After you have mastered a category, you will have to take exams and when you have passed, a certificate is issued. For an IT guru to stand a chance for a promotion or to land a well-paying IT job, learning these categories is very vital.