Which is more important: your health or the environment?

Which is more important: your health or the environment?

Both the health and the environment are more important to you. But if asked in specific, I would say, environment. It is because, if you keep your environment clean your health will be automatically maintained. If you live in a clean and hygienic environment, there are less chances that you are less prone to any disease or any unwanted issues.

A healthy environment provides us fresh air, fresh water, and fresh food supplies. If we come together and keep your environment healthy and green, it will naturally help us in keeping healthy. Most of the diseases today are caused because of the degradation of plants, pollution in air and water, global warming and much more. So, if our health is getting compromised it is because of us. We are only the main culprit to affect our health.

Since human health and environment are vastly related here are some tips to be considered for good health and good environment.

Keep your surroundings clean

One of the best ways to keep your environment clean and maintain your health is by keeping surroundings clean. Disposal of garbage at a proper place, do not litter things here and there, and develop a good ecosystem you will see that people around you is healthier than ever before.

Buy farm fresh fruits

The fruits and vegetables that are directly imported from the farm are good for your health and for your environment too. If you buy farm fresh fruits, it will contain fewer chemical substances and will have a fresh taste and on top of that, you will help the environment also as there is less processing, less transportation, and less packaging.

Apart from this, reduce the usage of oil, plant a tree, use reusable products and maintain biodiversity. So, when the environment is clean your health be good.

Jacqueline Hanson