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Things that makes you a great lifeguard

Our safety is their first priority, they are known as lifeguards. When we just relax ourselves and keep enjoying by the pool they have a keen attention on our kids and ensure their safety. But does their duty end with just watching over our kid and keep them safe? It is an absolute no; a lifeguard’s job has much more to it than just watching over our kids and keeping them safe.

What is required to become a lifeguard?

Adequate physical strength and a bit of courage along with a lifeguard certificate from a recognized lifeguard institution. Age does not matter when it comes to being a lifeguard. You can even take it as your part time summer job to fill up your pocket while your friends will be too busy wasting their very precious time. All you got to do is just attend lifeguard classes in a nearby reputed lifeguard institute and get certified to begin your summer part time job.

A very strong personality:

In order to be a lifeguard you should have a very strong personality and an intelligent mind. They would have to pass the physical test, spend hours in the sun, attend to emergency, work in coordination to save lives, handle a wide variety of guests, maintain the water balance of the pool, etc. So it takes a lot to become a lifeguard and that demands a very strong character to be a lifeguard.

Should have a love for water:

As ninety nine percent of your job is to deal with the water you should be a person who has love for water. When you are a person who is quite comfortable with water almost most of the things are made simple and easy. If you are someone who is very fond of water then being a lifeguard is a blessing to you. You will have the pool all for yourself to have fun and get paid for it. But your fun should in no way stop you from doing your duty as you are responsible for lives in the swimming pool.

A very reliable person:

Since we are dealing with lives here the job requires a very reliable person someone who can take up the responsibility and be responsible. Depending on the size of the pool the number of lifeguards required will differ. A reliable lifeguard will never bail himself out at the last moment. So if you are that reliable person you will make a great lifeguard.

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Why should you opt to be a lifeguard in life?

There are absolutely numerous designations in the world to choose but being a lifeguard is cool and special. When you are responsible for saving lives what can be more special than that? Walking around the aquatic body in a relaxed manner and at the same time noticing keenly the activities that is happening around to ensure the safety of people what else can one expect of a job?

How to become a lifeguard?

To become a lifeguard all you need is a lifeguard certificate from a professional lifeguard institution. Once you have that certificate under your name you become eligible to become a lifeguard. So why wait type in the phrase ‘lifeguard classes near me’ on your device and Google it to find some amazing lifeguard institutions near you and join them as soon as possible to own a lifeguard certificate under your name.

It is an early career option:

Lifeguard is the only position that demands only your skill and absolutely nothing else. It encourages and enables very young ones to take up the job at a very young age. You do not have to wait for years to keep your bank balance ticking when you have a lifeguard certificate under your name. All you need is to be fit and be qualified to be a lifeguard; you can get the job even at the age of fifteen. While all of your friends are thinking about ways to earn money you will actually be making money.

Fun with income:

Who on earth would say no to a lifeguard job? Probably it is the only job on earth to earn money with having a lot of fun. Though there will be a lot of fun you cannot allow yourself to be distracted for a long time. Walking around the pool having fun with the kids, going for a swim when you feel like, lifeguard is a position that only very few would say no to.

You get an opportunity to meet a lot of new people:

As swimming pools are frequented by many people you get the opportunity to meet a lot of new people every day which keeps you more entertained. You can get acquainted to a lot of people in and around your neighborhood. By dealing with many people every day you come to understand the human nature better and that in turn makes you mature person.

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